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What if my order is damaged?

If your order is damaged and the packaging is split, send us a photo and we will send you a replacement.

If you're still unhappy, eat a few more sweets first, if this doesn't help your happiness levels, contact us, let's have a chat.


What if my order doesn't arrive?

You will get an tracking number from us once your package has been posted, if you are having problems with the tracking, contact us and we will check this out for you.


Do you have a returns policy?

If your order is damaged, we'll replace it, no need to return anything. If you're feeling guilty about ordering so many sweets and don't want to see such a large bowl of sugar ever again, well, i'm sure theirs someone willing to help you get through them just this once .. 


Is there a best before date?

Yes, as standard the best before date is six months, however we're fairly certain they won't last 6 days.


What if I've got a food allergy?

We have a list of ingredients on our allergy/ingredients dedicated page so head over to that (found at the bottom of this page) for more information. 

However please be aware that due to the large variety of sweets/lollies that we handle, we are unable to guarantee that our bags are completely free of all allergens.